Texturizing Machine for PP BCF Yarns for carpet Weaving & Tufting

Ref No.: SM1064 Location: Europe
Machine Specification
Make: Neumag
Positions: 06
Ends/ Position: 02
Production Capacity: 8 tons/day with 2200 Dtex
3 Extruders of 3.5”
1 Melt lines and 3 spinning beams.
Two sets of spin packs.
Set of spinnerets with number of holes 129  
6 Quench Air ducts
Dowtherm heating boiler.
6 positions Texturizing machine
6 winders RK3000
Power  400v
Area required  10 m X 10 m
Accessories like: Steel frame, Air compressors, Air dryers, Water Chillers, Boilers, and suction Radial Fans.